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Mandala is one of the most recognised art forms that borrows from Hindu and Buddhist cultures.The mandala designs confined to the circular boundary represent different aspects of the world and universe. Additionally, people use these designs as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer in Tibet, Japan, and China. Mandalas are rich in meaning and symbolism, allowing individuals to connect with the true meaning of the piece.


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bambaiSe specializes in handcrafted decorative items that offer minimal elegance. The brand's mission is to bring life to the ordinary through design features that flawlessly combine forms and functions. Nature, the seasons, color, mood, culture, and life itself serve as our sources of inspiration. Our handcrafted products strike the ideal balance between wants and needs, as they are grounded in wisdom, and tailored to appeal to contemporary sensibilities. The brand is Made in India brand. bambaiSe is a platform that enables us to revive mandala culture the Indian way, yet with a contemporary twist because our goods are exquisitely designed that adds value to your lifestyle.